When 6PM Strikes Release the Lamb Chops!

When 6PM Strikes Release the Lamb Chops! Dubai Photo

When 6PM Strikes Release the Lamb Chops!

10 minutes later... Sold out ????

World famous Pakistani restaurant in Dubai

Ravi Restaurant is best visited in the early hours, when the wipe-clean outdoor tables are bustling with boisterous groups.

The menu is long and includes many familiar generic Punjabi dishes, but we can recommend both the haleem – a slow-cooked dish of wheat, lentils and meat (usually lamb) the consistency of porridge – and the nihari – slow-cooked beef so tender it falls from the bone, and served in a delicately aromatic sauce, served with hot flatbreads.

Popular with a range of people from Pakistani cabbies eating right-handed to wealthy NRIs (Non Resident Indians) shouting at each other in American drawls. Best of all, the cooking is excellent, and the prices low.

Everyone from cabbies to five-star chefs flock to this original branch of the legendary Pakistani eatery (dating from 1978) where you eat like a prince and pay like a pauper. Possibly home to the best butter chicken in town, it's also worth loosening that belt for heaping helpings of spicy curries, succulent grilled meats, creamy dal (lentils) and fresh


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