Me trying to find decent customer service in Dubai

Me trying to find decent customer service in Dubai Dubai Photo

Me trying to find decent customer service in Dubai

Join me on my search for decent customer service. #lol #customerservice #terrible #service #poorservice #shocking #myexperiences #servicebackground #doingitwrong #dubai #mydubai #youae #myuae #emirates #uae

And you'll never find any, every time the phone company calls my own phone and you find this douch tell me my full name and won't even give his or her first name! Like WTF

There's a huge difference between customer service provided to TOURISTS ??versus us RESIDENTS ???

I'm always polite. Being a CS manager for 7 years I know what tripe they get. But it's no excuse. Always over promising and under delivering. When it should be the other way around. I've given ample of + feedback to those who deserve it. The only great customer service I've received in Dubai is from the amazing guys in Costa at the tecom petrol garage. They rock! ??

honestly never really needed their customer service. Book a car on the app. It arrives. You get in & tell them where to go. Simples.

Careem has great customer service. The drivers are polite and helpful. The call centre is responsive

If u talking about Etisalat call center the Egyptian one I agree with u but there is a solution for it just dial 800101 to get the uae call center

So many unhappy people here yet they prefer to live in Dubai than any other country in the world!

Dubai is the worst place when it comes to a good customer service. Sorry, Dubai, but this is the truth. People don't care, businesses don't care. When your sales go down, think and measure twice, cut once.

Customer service does not exist here 99% of the time! Common sense is non-existent! Frustrating as [email protected]&k! ?


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