I said, you're in my space!

I said, you're in my space! Dubai Photo

via www.whatson.ae

Yes, this actually happened in Dubai this week:

We’ve seen some precarious parking in Dubai before, but this might take the cake.

The unfortunate Dubai resident whose car was rammed in this picture had just popped into the Arabian Ranches Pizza Hut to pick up his order after finishing work about 6.30pm on Monday.

“I parked my car at the end [of the car park] where it is empty so it wouldn’t get scratches – how ironic,” the man, who asked to remain unnamed, told What’s On.

“My pizza was ready so all I had to do was pay and leave, the whole process took two minutes.”

I said, you're in my space!

Whatever the person did it shouldn't of warranted that. Disappointing people can't communicate anymore without aggression.


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