Habibi I work for the government

Habibi I work for the government Dubai Photo

How are you finding going back to normal working hours again?

Habibi I work for the government

I wish I worked 8-2 ???? #jealous #workinghours #governmentperks #workingforthegovernment #8till2 #blessed #lol #lucky #dreamjob #iwish #dubai #mydubai #uae #myuae

I'm an expat working for the Government, I work 08.00 - 16.00 and normally in the office at 07.30am and no, I don't leave half an hour early. Not all women expats are Jumeirah Jane's whilst our husbands go to work. Some of us actually enjoy working! Have a great day all. ????

This is a sarcastic account so better not take things seriously.. We do have a great spoilt lifestyle in Dubai but we are also hard working successful people, one of the elites in the world in many ways :) no one can deny this! We love our government and our leaders are just across the road from us! We r loved and respected (worldwide) I'm sure this post was coming from appreciation and admiration rather from a bad place! Don't forget that a lot of people call this home :D and yeh pls get on jumeira janes lol


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