Absolutely Incredible Guard Dog in Action ????

Absolutely Incredible Guard Dog in Action ????

Pitt bulls do the same thing, except that instead of attacking knife-wielding assailants; they mutilate toddlers.

Just so you know guys this is israeli defense force. This dog is military and was trained by the IDF.

As a Malinois owner there is huge difference in these two dogs. Believe me my life revolves around my 1 yr old Maligator. She's super smart easily bored needs 2 hrs of straight exercise plus mental stimulation and her potty walks and indoor playtime and training. She's my 2nd job! They also hate being alone and love to go anywhere with you.

That's how I pull out my butter knife to spread butter on my bread when I sit next to strangers. I better be careful now :/

Just saying, yesterday almost got scared to death. Walking down street with headphones, hear faint shouting in the distance. Turn around and theres a big German Shepherd like this one galloping full sprint at me, and i only have like half a sec to react...nice dog, licked then ran away, but holy fuck did that give me a fright...


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