When you just can't wait any longer for EID...

When you just can't wait any longer for EID... Dubai Photo

When you just can't wait any longer for EID...

It's been announced!!!


It has been confirmed that Eid will be straight after Ramadan!

No moon has been sighted in Saudi Arabia according to Saudi officials hence those who follow the nationalistic sighting (not global sighting) of Saudi Arabia for them their Eid is on Wednesday. This applies to people in Saudi not people in UK. Note: Saudi sighting follows local sighting (ikhtilaf al matali, which is regarding horizons) restricted within national boundaries. As for those who follow the hukm shar'a of global sighting (ittihad al matali) we should wait until sighting reports are confirmed, rejected or no sightings reports from around the globe. This will probably be around 9.30pm GMT, wallahu 'a'lum This is a matter that we are not required to be definite on but rather if upright Muslims witness the new moon of Shawwal and their testimony is true and accepted by knowledgeable authorities then tomorrow is declared Eid, and if not accepted then 30 days of Ramadhan is completed and Eid will be on Wednesday. Where the problems lies for those who follow global sighting is in whose authority are we to accept?


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