This will change the way you think about FOOD

This will change the way you think about FOOD

What's even more depressing is that world hunger wouldn't be a thing if the food was distributed evenly for everyone to eat before it goes to waste. But why doesn't these foods go to the hungry, because greed

Why was that suppose to change the way I look at food? More like you just wasted millions of dollars for that pointless commercial

how did you not see the freaking point of this commercial, it showed us how much fuel, transportation, refrigeration and electiricity food uses, only to end up being thrown away.

Honestly the first thing that popped in my head like the first 30 seconds. is I need to make sure I wash my produce better before I eat it!

Why make a video over a strawberry? Shouldn't we be more worried about the animals we slaughter and let rot in our refrigerators? That makes more sense to me.

It's not about people eating the food they buy. A bunch of stores will throw food away if it doesn't look good or 'pretty' enough. It happens all the time.


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