When she says "I only date bad boys"

When she says "I only date bad boys"

Do u guys even realize how much math he had to do to come up with this, respect to this asian guy.

That's just someone with wayyy too much time on his hands lmfao. Bad boy..... ????????

And while you did that, I went home, took a shit, took a nap, woke up, took a walk, bought at gun, bought some ammo, walked back up to you, told you what I just did then I went back home because I didn't need to shoot you or anything. Later, dood.

Japan's extremely strict gun laws ensure that very few civilians own a gun (even swords have to be registered), but that doesn't mean locals can't practice their gunslinger skills with fake ones.

In a demonstration that would rival even the best movie western gunslingers, Japan-based YouTube user T.K. Hero shows off a wide array of impressive gunslinger flourishes.

However, T.K.'s talents will mostly remain confined to his bedroom, but maybe if someone in Hollywood checks this video out we'll get to him facing down a grizzled villain on some dusty western alley in the near future.


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