When you're caught sleeping on the job

When you're caught sleeping on the job

When all you want is a 10 minute nap ???? ????

All credit to Fred Eaton. Check out the original video on YouTube here and make sure you subscribe! https://youtu.be/u8VDbFUjHmI

My same reaction when I got caught sleeping at work ???????????????? jumped up and ran around clucking like a chicken ????????????????

The roster was not sleeping,you can put a chicken to sleep by laying them on there back and holding them upside-down.They will go right to sleep.

Are you people actually talking more about whether or not the rooster was actually sleeping?? LMFAO, just enjoy the video and quit trying to make yourselves look smart

Yes not a good idea to wake up a Lady because you are asking to get hurt especially when she does not have her makeup on and have her morning cigarette and coffee hahahahahaha and besides you not going to get no eggs tomorrow because you woke me up


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