Just Eat the f**king pizza

Just Eat the f**king pizza Dubai Photo

Just Eat the fucking pizza

What's stupid is the fuck tard taking a picture of a girl taking a picture of her pizza. Why don't you eat your own pizza asshole? Maybe it's for her job, maybe she's got a pizza fetish of some sort. Either way, none of your fucking business. Just eat your own pizza and shut the fuck up.

Let me guess, he's so fed up of people posting pictures that aren't needed on social media that he's posting a picture about it on social media.

It's an italian restaurant in Italy, so basicly, the first time that american girl sees a REAL pizza. Understandable behaviour.

Just yell "hey!" as loud and sharp as you can and watch her fall off the chair and break her camera

See I am the type of bitch to just scream "eat the fucking pizza" then even bother snapchatting it


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