Never joke with people fasting

Never joke with people fasting

For those who make comment her and for Muslim brother and sisters..just a small reminder for you guys.. Its Ramadan and you have you're fasting and even social media is not advisible..peace be with you..and for those who laugh and make this a joke...shame on you people you have no respect for the right and beliefs of other people..if you Dont respect anyone pls do respect his religion..

This is horrible. Its disrespectful and insensitive to muslims that are fasting during the holy month of ramadan. Sigh...its always targeted to muslims. I don't mean exaggerate but its annoying.

Its not funny at all.... Its disrespectful and not funny. His fake azan spoilt 3 pplz fast.

And them showin tht what thwy did again against patience and forgiveness ... wrong on everylevel


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