The Shocking Truth About Muslims

The Shocking Truth About Muslims

What do Non-Muslims living in a Muslim country really think of Muslims?

Dubomedy asked 20 Non-Muslims of diverse religious and cultural backgrounds living in a Muslim country about their experience with Muslims. Here's what they had to say....

Conceived and Directed by Mina Liccione

Edited by Abel Fernandes

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The Muslims I work with, socialize with, and consider to be my friends are decent, moral, hardworking, talented, generous, tolerant people. They are honest and reliable in their business dealings and fun to be with in social settings. My life is richer for having made their acquaintances.

I have met, and heard, of several Muslims over the years. Some are very good and some are really bad.

Characteristics of Muslims and Islam that I consider good:

1. Respectful and helpful

2. Loyal to their religion, and has pride and knowledge about it

3. Respects women, children and people who are weaker than them. Charity.

4. Is rational, sensible, loyal and patriotic towards their motherland and also the land which gave them shelter

5. Slow to get angry, difficult to provoke, and usually calm and collected

6. Is able to patiently explain about Islam without getting offended at other people's ignorance and provocation

7. Has an open mind to discard useless, harmful, nonsensical and outdated rules and regulations in Islam, acknowledge and embrace the good things in other religions, and keep up with times

8. Has the common sense, ethics and decency to question flaws, wrong edicts in Islam and honestly look for an answer from their own conscience

9. Gives importance towards education of both girls and boys in modern technology, preparing them for the real world

10. Respects other religions, and also the absolute right of others to follow the religion of their own choice; follows the rule of 'live and let live'

11. Acknowledge that politics and religion make very bad bedfellows, and usually leads to distortion of justice

12. Acknowledge that most madrassas are breeding grounds of terrorism and hate towards other communities and religions, and learn to stay away from their influence

13. Acknowledge that LGBTs are humans first, and should be treated with equal respect; accept that many Muslims have had a long and ignoble history of homosexuality and pedophilia

14. Muslim brotherhood, sense of belonging and unity

15. Encouraging even kids to learn about Islam; adherence to prayers

Characteristics of Muslims and Islam I would consider bad and undesirable:

1. Fanaticism about Islam

2. Refusal to both acknowledge and accept that other religions have merit, and are great in their own way

3. Quick to get angry, excessively violent reaction to even small altercations

4. Harming, killing, threatening and general hatred towards people from other religions just because they're not Muslims

5. Terrorism. Terrorism. Terrorism.

6. Conversion to Islam - by force, coercion, blackmail, sweet talk, love-jihad

7. Calling all non-Muslims as kaffirs and constantly attacking them

8. Determination and attempts to convert all non-Muslim majority regions of the world into Muslim-majority regions

9. Polygamy - huge insult and humiliation to the wife, in my opinion

10. Large-scale pedophilia and slavery in orthodox Muslim communities and countries

11. Suppression of women's rights and self-esteem. Hijab only for women, while the men roam scot-free. Sanctioned wife-beatings!

12. Large-scale brainwashing of youth into fanaticism and violence

13. Twisting, plagiarizing and misusing edicts of other religions in Islam, while claiming that Islam is the best

14. No independent thinking, discussion and no open mind. Blindly accept everything because it is written in the book. Refusal to question Islamic holy books.

15. Refusal to acknowledge that some things are actually wrong or irrelevant in today's times

16. Violence towards LGBTs. Hypocrisy towards homosexuality, especially considering how widespread it is in the Muslim world.

17. Procreate without control, limiting the family's resources from being used for education and health

18. Betrayal and treachery towards their home country and the country that gave them food and shelter. Loyalty only to Islam and Muslim brotherhood.

19. Halal food. Excessive violence towards animals.

Every person is a representative of his or her religion, even if that is atheism. Your behavior, consistent or otherwise, is a direct reflection of your religion.

If you want others to respect you and your religion, earn that respect, in a peaceful manner. It will be long lasting.


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