When Your Resume Said You Speak 7 Languages

When Your Resume Said You Speak 7 Languages

The indian one "bud bud bud bud" ????????

This is not my sandwic, he wanted to laugh so bad she was doing that shit. ????????????????????

if your still thinking of being a multilingual translator for government officials around the world, I DARE you to do this on the first day

I'm finding it hilarious that so many people are taking this so seriously! This is a clip from an old comedy sketch show( her name is Catherine Tate)

Hummm when people at work said they speak Spanish and I am hola come estás qué tal tu día donde aprendiste español? And they are like, oh I understand more than what I speak....yeah right! ????????????

A CEO need to find desperatly someone that knows how to speak 7 languages.

Really funny translation from English to seven different languages :)


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