You Snooze You Lose!

You Snooze You Lose! Dubai Photo

Who pushes this as soon as they get into a lift?

Does the close-door button in U.S. elevators actually do anything? If not, why?

Personal experience and Internet rumors seem to indicate that they often don't.

ADA code makes the door close button non-functional during normal operation of the elevator. However, it is used (required even) in other modes of operation used by elevator personnel or firemen, such as independent service and fire service.

Yes it does; it closes the doors! But many owners and managers of buildings with elevators will program the button so that it does not function during normal operation. They do this to reduce the wear-and-tear on the elevator, particularly the doors, which reduces costly service calls and extends the life of the elevator. It also reduces liability for accidents caused by misuse of the button.

Time is money. Wait for nobody. Press the floor then press close door. Routine.

As soon as I'm over the crack in the floor. Get your a** in here or catch the next one.

This applies to Sydney here too ???? Or at least I say it does ???? Do it all the time ????


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