Awesome Street Magic... Wow!

Awesome Street Magicююю... Wow!

Being a white man saying this I hope it is taken right but African American's are the best audience. They have the facial expressions the laughter the spirit that makes stuff like that so much fun to be a part of. I loved his face. They could be an act: magic and comedy.

Why do people have a hard time believing things?? He clearly saw the cigarette dissapear but he keep looking around for it like: it's gone. PAY UP.

Who asks a homeless man for change back!?! (And with a stack in his pocket no less...) This video went from a cool lil magic trick to a sad commentary on the ethics of tipping. WeakSauce.

I hope the guy who is shocked about these.. in night he is sleeping with out clothes bcuz he was afraid of where the will be get fire.... Hahhah

Lol. One if the oldest tricks in the book, done flawlessly. Everyone can buy that trick for less than a dollar. Great job street performer! Great job!

Omg!!! Did that guy actually asked for a change??? Hahahahahaha but overall its a good magic trick pretty awesome ????

If you don't know how he did this, go to 20 seconds, when he puts his hand on the man's shoulder, he has a fake thumb he put the cjg in, and the drink. But props to this dude, he killed it

There are so many people in this world who are overlooked. You never know what someone has gone through, and you never know their struggles. Some would look at this man as an "average loser", but the truth is he's a talented magician who deserves the utmost respect and recognition!


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