Watch Till The End... Genius Baby! ????

Watch Till The End... Genius Baby! ????

God is perfect for everything that he created, even the children can think to know what is good and what bad,Thank you God our father.

Why in the world are people commenting about discipline and punishment?????? This video wasn't even about that? People can't even enjoy a cute little video without having to take it to a whole different level!! Get a life know- it -all's!!

Hahahaha! Literally one of the funniest videos I've seen in awhile! Throwing the pacifier was hilarious!

He must of watched his mom put down pillows over and over again, an he remembered that so now he puts them down to get down safely. Also throwing the pacifier was the best part lol.

This baby showing the world that anyone can come up with a good idea. If you only use your mind. The most important thing now is to have the right people in his life.

I remember ahlam at 18 months locks herself on the bathroom and I couldn't open from outside was so scared and called some house staff to help me out.. then I stop panicking and talk to her so she will not panic or be scared told her to look down if she can see my hands on the gap she said yes told her okay touch my hand and follow me.. then I begin to tell her u see the key that u touch and turn she said yes okay turn it again on the other way.. then I hear the key door click.. and I hold the handle on my other side and it was unlock.. u can imagine how relieved I am all I can do is hug her and tell her don't do that again but u are a very smart girl.. she is 5 now and she is very clever and easy to listen and understand instructions... kids explore and all u need to do is to let them and guide them...

I doubt if he is old enough to talk. Real Genius in the making. Whoever filmed this knows what the child is capable of doing and not just a matter of stumbling on this. Cheers Babe

Sweet, very smart baby. He's definitely got a bright future. Of course most babies do as long as we adults nurture and guide them towards good opportunities.


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