Wait For It... ???? ???? ???? 102 years old and still happy, God bless her!

Wait For It...

102 years old and still happy, God bless her!

great. I lost my grandmom last year and she had 104 years old. She was very happy. How I have missed her!!!

I love grannies. They are the symbol of kindness growing up with strict parents. Hahaha

I've heard of "laughing your head off", but nope have never heard of or seen "laughing your dentures out." Still, it is really cool to see a 102-year old lady having so much fun on her birthday.

I've lost my grandma... Wasn't even suppose to happen.... She never told us she was sick....she had 12 kids...my mom was one of her favorites... She was fine one day then the next she's in the hospital.... Wtf!....I dropped what I was doing and drove fast to the hospital.... When I got there it was like she wasn't the same person.... She was thin,pale and could barley talk.... I stayed with her day and night.... A week went by and her progress was getting worse...til one day I'm telling her about my school and how it's going and that I wanna cook for her and take her out when everything gets better....then my mom told me Skylar go home u have been here for hours"... U haven't went home or ate anything"... I said I don't wanna leave her... Then she said I'm here I will call u if anything changes.... Go eat and sleep for a while then come back.." So I did.... And I regret that decision so much... I still do to this day.... I left to go home.... I got home... Made myself something to eat... Before I could sit down and eat.... My phone rings..............I get that call....... She's gone" Skylar........

My heart dropped to the bottom of my body...... I collapsed.... And cried.... I bolted to the hospital .... And there she was pale....stiff.... I never got to say goodbye..... I left for 30 min and she leaves me.... Why .... I hope she's happy in heaven looking down at me with a smile.... Cause grandma I miss u .... I wish u never left me...... Too see this grandma so happy.... Just wishes I still had mine....

I have never seen dentures till I went to my great grandma's house when I was like 6 & I was sleeping over. I went to use the bathroom and they were in a cup on the sink and I screamed. XD I thought they were the teeth from husband who had passed! Too funny, this reminded me of her. ♡

She looks so sad but at the same time it's like she's being happy for her family she was just gazing at the candles probably reminiscing on the other 101 birthdays things like this make me take life for granted losing a brother that was 4 months old and seeing a girl blow out her candles for the 102 time makes you sit back and think about where to go what to do in life

Her expression whr priceless...thr might be many problems n life..but while making others hapiee and v can face anything..grateful person she should be treat like god..hapiee b'day granny

That reminds me of my mom at the Eaton's centre . My mom sneezed going up the escalator and her false teeth went sliding across the flour . She just picked them up so fasting put them back in . It was so funny laughed for days . Will never forget that .


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