That's a good point. We're never happy with what we have.

This just proves that we're never happy with what we have. We always want more of something - money, sex, happiness, land, power etc. Cherish what you have, because you never know when you'll lose it.

Because you can't complain if you aren't paralyzed or near death. If you have something you're not allowed to want for anything.

This is true guys. I was born with haemophilia, worlds most expensive blood clotting illness. I have survived Serb aggression and genocide and I have lost my home back in 90's. I have gone from wheelchair to walking while I was in school. And when I turned 18 my parents afforded me a Fiat Punto. I worked hard while going on college, sold Punto, added some money and got Opel Astra. As for college graduation I've got Audi s line as present. Now I have bmw X6 bought with my own money (and I am looking to sell it soon) . Hmmm never had a supercar though but I was in Helicopter bringing food and fresh water to flood blocked areas in my country. I've got married six months ago ... so I could say I have traveled a long road. Never have I ridden a bike since my left leg (knee) is still kinda bad for driving bike and running. I was looking to get a custom bike so it might go easier to "drive" but it costs more than a brand new car if I want it custom made.

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