They ran out of 7 Days UAE in my building #DubaiTragedies

They ran out of 7 Days UAE in my building #DubaiTragedies Dubai Photo

They ran out of 7 Days UAE in my building #DubaiTragedies

7DAYS is the UAE's most popular English language newspaper.

Founded in April 2003, 7DAYS has become the UAE's most popular English-language newspaper, reaching hundreds of thousands of people every day through its print edition, mobile apps and 7DAYSin... series of websites.

Our team of dedicated journalists and internet specialists are constantly on the lookout for the issues that matter to the people of the UAE, whether it is news, business, sport, opinion, lifestyle tips or celebrity gossip.

7DAYS also keeps readers up-to-date by the minute online, with websites in the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, where you can catch up on the latest news and events as well as have your say.

The websites are also a great place to go if you are looking to buy a car, find a new job or a new home, thanks to our extensive classified sections.

7DAYS is operated by Al Sidra Media LLC, PO Box 35207, Dubai. Al Sidra Media LLC is one of the UAE’s leading publishing companies, and here is why:

• Our portfolio encompasses newspapers, websites, mobile applications, ePaper applications, magazines and much more.

• We cover subjects that are important to residents, through print publications such as 7DAYS - the popular daily newspaper; Abu Dhabi Insider - a weekly community supplement, and Wellbeing - a quarterly health and fitness magazine.

• And, the company is not limited to publishing, as our team of dedicated distribution staff also offer a service tailored to those looking to get their products directly to the doors of UAE residents.


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