The newest Nigerian email scam... It's like the Nigerian version of the Martian

The newest Nigerian email scam... It's like the Nigerian version of the Martian

I love it. They have the money to keep sending supplies up to the space station to keep Astronaut Major Air Force Tunde alive, but not the funds to put him in a capsule and let him fall back to earth.

Losses from Nigerian email scams totalled $12.7bn in 2013

I always thought that nobody could get scammed by those ridiculous scams but I guess mass emails always find someone stupid enough to get scammed.

Someone tried to scam my mother $250,0000 (selling a logging machine) and they insisted on the exact price we asked (no negotiations) and they asked for the money over pay pal (pay pal has a $5,000 limit or something) and they insisted that they had "talked to pay pal" and they didnt want any other way of payment. Then when my mother asked them when they wanted to come look at the machine they didn't even want to come look at it. They would just come, pick it up and drive away. It all seemed too good to be true and then my mom got another email from a separate person with the exact same wording as the previous email but cookie cuttered the title out of the ad. Fishy.

The problem is that ignorance is something that affects us all, as we all have been, or will be, ignorant at some point of our lives, no matter our education or mental abilities, may it be because of youngness or elderness.

Helping peoples who face being ignorant is like helping elderly peoples. We are all going to be old, and some of the unluckiest peoples do not have the privilege of still having a family to take care of them when they're old, or to grow up in a controlled envirronement where scams couldn't affect them.

It's kinda society as a whole's responsability to help the scammed, and shut down scammers.


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