An Interesting Twist of Viewing and Dealing with Stress

An Interesting Twist of Viewing and Dealing with Stress

Son, this is great! I'm sharing it...ironic thing is that today I needed to hear this at this moment & I'm sure many do...God works in mysterious ways...

This is excellent as far as it goes. And it certainly makes a good case against those who want to remove all stress.

But the drugs were developed to aid anxiety which is kind of an unnatural feeling of stress.

It would lead the lobster to stay under the rock even after the new shell had developed.

I remember learning a similar principle when I studied trees. Literally their skin/bark cracks and bleeds sap to allow the inner core to expand. I love this analogy of the lobster. It reminds me of our conversation this morning. The uncomfortableness, stress, pain must get so uncomfortable that you are willing you shed your hardness, even though it has protected you for so long. Then you are a vulnerable, soft sheltered creature ready to be made into a new and expanded version. I feel just like a lobster with no shell right about now

I just wonder, "must" it be this way. Does every new doorway we walk through have to be through intensive pressure, or is it just that way when things need to speed up and be faster. God hastens his work among men, so their growing pains are more intense.

The whole conversation reminds me of birth. It's the exquisite pressure/stress in the woman's body that gives her the strength to bring the child forth. And yet, does not god want us to overcome this cycle? to learn how to bring forth a new creature, how to shed the old shell willingly, trustingly, in perfect peace? Would this not be a glorious way to learn and progress? To be so humble, trusting and meek that you willingly lift off your shell, exposing your vulnerability to the elements of man and nature with perfect faith and trust that god is growing you a new protection, even though you cannot see or feel it yet..

I feel that I tasted that with the birth of Keilana, that ability to trust in peace. Would to god I could attain this in every aspect of my life. What a glorious creature, then, I could become!

Thanks for sharing ????


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